Join volunteers from the Forever Flowing Foundation to protest for the removal of the Winchester Dam, at 1:00 pm, Saturday, August 17, 2024, on the sidewalk in front of the Fred Meyer parking lot, at the intersection of NW Garden Valley Blvd. and NW Goetz Street, in Roseburg, Oregon.

If you park in the Fred Meyer, parking lot, please park as far away from the store as possible, so as not to impede shoppers.Bring protest signs, but please carry them discreetly at your side until you are on the sidewalk and off Fred Meyer property.

August 2023 “repairs” at Winchester Dam resulted in the largest fish kill on an Oregon River in 2023. Let’s stop them before they do it again. The only thing standing between Douglas County, and economic prosperity is the Winchester Dam. 

Bring down the dam. Bring back the fish.

Please join us! Everyone is welcome!