The Board of Directors of the Winchester Water Control District has abused your trust to take you for a very expensive ride. Their recklessness has landed you in a $27.585 million lawsuit due to Ryan Beckley’s botched repairs of the condemned Winchester Dam for which you and your neighbors have already paid $3 million.

It’s like an expensive time share that you can’t cancel or quit.

The condemned dam is so decrepit that frequent and expensive repairs will be demanded as long as it remains standing. And each of those repairs will cost you, as an owner, tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. See how to prevent this at little or no cost to you.

Worse, every time repairs are attempted hundreds of thousands of native fish are killed…

And the drinking water is poisoned for 37,700 of your neighbors downstream. That happened in 2023 when Beckley’s $3 million fiasco backfired, landing you with that $27.585 million fine. And when (not if) the condemned and crumbling “high hazard” dam fails in the next big flood or earthquake, your potential liability could be staggering.

Why risk your financial well-being when the dam can be removed at little or no cost.

An April 1, 2020 letter sent to the WWCD board offers to permanently remove the Winchester Dam “at little or no direct cost to the District [WWCD]” and to “end ongoing harm to fisheries and water quality in the North Umpqua River.” Read the letter now.

The letter was signed by the leaders of Steamboaters, North Umpqua FoundationUmpqua Watersheds, Inc., Umpqua Valley Fly FishersNorthwest Sportfishing Industry AssociationNorthwest Guides and Anglers AssociationPacific Coast Federation of Fisherman’s AssociationsOregon WildPort Orford Sustainable SeafoodRogue FlyfishersPacific RiversNative Fish SocietyCascadia WildlandsAmerican Whitewater, and McKenzie Flyfishers.

Remember, you’re now a defendant in a $27.585 million lawsuit.

The dam’s most recent “repairs” killed 550,000 lampreys. At a fine of $50 each this has resulted in $27,500,000.00 of damages to the state of Oregon—as shown below. So remember, although it may be too late to get out of this pickle, there is a way to keep it from ever happening again—at little or no cost to you. Read the proposal.

That’s the only way to stop this from ever happening again is for you and your neighbors act now to remove the Winchester Dam. If you do so, the Oregon Department of Justice may look upon your case with leniency. is a service of an alliance of neighbors in Douglas County, Oregon. We will help you and your neighbors bring an end to this cycle of botched repairs and financial liability.

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Mike Lee