1.  The Winchester Dam was condemned in 1976. It is rated a “High Hazard.”

2.  The crumbling 133-year-old dam is rated in “poor” condition. If the dam fails, “loss of life” is expected.

3.  The dam leaches toxic chemicals (arsenic, chromium, and copper) 50 feet upstream of the public drinking water source for 37,700 residents.

4.  The dam provides no electricity, irrigation, or flood control.

5.  The dam’s sole function is as a “recreational” private water-ski lake for a few rich property owners, at the exclusion of the public.

6. The 17-foot dam is an insurmountable barrier to migratory native fish. Fish populations at the dam are plummeting. Recent repairs caused the worst fish kill on an Oregon river this year.

7.  The dam owners illegally store more river water than their water rights allow.

8.  The derelict dam leaks twice as bad as it did before the $3 million August 2023 botched repairs.

9.  Dams don’t keep out smallmouth bass – cold undammed rivers naturally repel invasive species.

10. The Winchester Dam can be removed at no cost to its owners.